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On Thursday 2nd July, the Thames RIB Experience crew were excited from the outset to get together for a Covid19 training day to ensure all trips going forward would be safe and in line with Covid19 government guidelines both for their experienced and professional crew and their passengers from the outset.

The social distanced training session, hosted by Directors Dean and Charlotte McGlinchey, has been prepared with expert Covid19 advice from Shadow Team Training to prepare all staff / crew for a safe Covid19 River Thames re-opening.

Director Dean said “We were all really excited to get together and set sail again after such a long period of lockdown and as always take passenger safety and comfort very seriously. To minimise risk of exposure to the virus, we have introduced new safety measures and features including a clearly marked social distancing waiting area on the pier, fully sanitised life jackets (thoroughly cleaned after each use), face coverings for staff for when social distancing is not possible, and a hand sanitisation station at our kiosk to be used on passenger’s arrival. All touch points are also cleaned down thoroughly between each trip and at the start and end of each day. On Friday, our staff received in depth training on distanced check in, kit up and boarding of vessels and have been confidently and safely welcoming passengers back onboard since Saturday 4th July!”

Thames RIB Experience are thrilled to be back up and running and can’t wait to keep delivering the ultimate COVID19 safe friendly London Speedboat Experiences this Summer and beyond. They are proud of the changes they have made to make travel as safe as possible in these challenging times. One thing that hasn’t changed is the adrenaline you’ll feel pumping through your veins as you shoot down the Thames on one of their supersonic RIB vessels!

Please click here to see the full re-opening plan as developed in coordination with expert advice and has been designed to protect passengers and employees from potential exposure to COVID19.

We can’t wait to welcome you onboard!