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Exhilaration Gets An Upgrade; Our aim is to provide the beat speedboat Experience for our passengers.

It’s always been our ambition to be the best speedboat operator in the world, with the best boats, the best staff and the best Experience.

When we are not out on the river, we spend our time working hard to deliver this. This is our promise to you and how over the years we have become the hottest ticket in town. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see the delight on the faces of our passengers when they step off the boat and go, “Wow”.

We are currently going through an upgrade program on our RIBs, rigid inflatable boats, to make sure they are even more amazing for your future trips with us.

Our vessel Exhilaration, (the fourth boat to be added to our six boat fleet in 2014, and the first to be built from new light honeycomb composite bulkheads which made her the fastest boat in our fleet back in 2014), has been transformed and is now back in the water. She has new propeller drives and transoms, 740hp twin turbos to provide an Ultimate burst of hold-on-tight thrust, new tiered seating, enhanced seat upholstery and comfy padded seating, grip rails and headrests. And with a new 1500 watt Fusion sound system and subwoofer speakers she’ll be rocking the Thames like no other. Our seating has been specifically designed to be safe yet comfortable, our onboard sound systems, audio and speakers are top quality. Whether its thumping James Bond tunes as we twist and turn along the river, that special celebration music or onboard guided commentary we only use the best marine quality audio components. We will not compromise on our onboard sound, it provides so much more to our trips. Finished off with new graphics, non slip deck paint, loads of shiny stainless steel handrails….she’s good to go, pure 100% Exhilaration.

But there is a practical side to all of this, our boats do a lot of miles on the water, we demand the most robust, toughest vessels out there, where they can operate for long periods day after day. Nobody operates at such an intensity, that’s why these proven boats and engines exceed even the critical requirements of special forces and response teams throughout the world. Ours also look beautiful as well!

It’s no surprise that our partners, who build our bespoke boats or supply engines and other equipment,  often send their prospective customers to us to see what the finished article is.

The best boats, the best staff and the best Experience

It’s not all just about the boats, we employ friendly onboard entertainers/tour guides who help you to sit back, explain about the amazing things to see along the Thames and enjoy the ride. We have the best crew working at our Kiosks and on the phone, to help make sure you get the trip that’s right for you. Safety is paramount, it’s where we start. We provide serviced self inflating lifejackets, top quality Henri Lloyd jackets and protective gear. We have an exemplary safety record which we are proud of. Once you’re kitted up and ready to go, it’s time to meet the Skippers. Our Skippers all hold the coveted River Thames High Speed Local Knowledge Endorsements to their qualifications. Put simply they know how to drive hard and fast and safe along the tidal River Thames. The Port of London doesn’t issue many of these licenses; our skippers have to prove they are the best in the business. You can be comforted to know they are, they will keep you safe and entertained.

It’s what we do here at Thames RIB Experience, the best speedboat sightseeing company in the world, see you onboard soon.