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Not only have we refurbished Experience, with new graphics, new seat cushions and new 1400 watt sound system for summer 2017, we have also had our friends from Yanmar visit to tune up our state of the art 740hp engines. Yanmar provides us with both our marine engines and drive systems for our RIBs.

They build them, we run them, our six boat fleet have never been so powered up!

These same Yanmar engines are also being used as the support RIBs for the defending Team Oracle USA in the America’s Cup taking place in Bermuda this June 2017. Why do we both use Yanmar engines?. As you would expect providing support and chase boats for Team Oracle, needs maximum thrust, top speeds and precision control. They want the best high performance engine technology, so do we! We fit two in each of our boats, 740hp combined to give you that insane thrust with twin turbos, twin props and our famous “hold on tight” moments.

So who would win on in a straight race, the America’s cup Support RIB or our legend of the Thames “Experience”?

So both boats have to be able to respond with speed, power and reliability in extremely demanding and rigorous conditions, and the Yanmar marine diesels and drive systems are held in high regard by both teams.

No contest, Thames Rib Experience RIBs win every time! Our V shaped hulls are designed for top speeds not just providing support for expensive yachts!

But what about the history of our much loved RIB Experience?

So refurbished and ready to go for summer 2017, Experience has been there from the first year of Thames RIB Experience. She was our second vessel to form our six boat fleet. She has taken many a celebrity along the Thames and has been involved in many high profile events such as the 2012 Olympics and David Walliams record breaking swim.