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As much as we enjoy giving our customers insightful entertaining tours and high speed thrills along the River Thames, Thames RIB Experience also love doing photoshoot projects along the river. One of the recent projects we had the pleasure of working on, was with Sailing Boat “Will” and popular electronic music group ‘Above and Beyond’. The group did a live DJ set on the boat pumping out the tunes at night, in the vicinity of Tower Bridge. We were there to get the perfect shots, a completely different London Speedboat Experience to what we normally do but altogether still an Ultimate Evening’s work!

From flashing lights and booming music to a much more slowed down project with the ‘Savvy’ Barge, a multi million pound houseboat complete with its own jacuzzi! We filmed shots of the Barge along the river for a project they were working on with the beautiful Albert Bridge lit up at night in the backdrop!

Even when we’re not blasting along in our famous Yellow and Black Speedboats we’re still out on the river letting our experienced and highly skilled Skippers do what they do best – getting the best shots in Town!