CALL TO BOOK: 020 3245 1177

Offer Terms and Conditions


  1. All passengers must pre book and payment must be made via card. This can be Online via or directly with one of our Customer Services team on 0203 245 1177.
  2. NO person will be allowed to come along to any of our piers to book on the day with cash.
  3. NO person will be allowed on board without wearing a face covering / mask. Passengers are expected to bring their own face covering with them and should be wearing this on arrival at the pier.
  4. Any person displaying signs of Covid 19 will have their temperature taken via non intrusive contactless IR Thermometers and if the reading is in line with NHS UK Guidance they will NOT be permitted on board our vessels – Please see this link :
  5. All passengers must bring their own all weather outer clothing along. Please just consider weather conditions on the day of your trip.
  6. Everyone is expected to comply with the Covid 19 safety measures implemented by Thames RIB Experience for all passengers and own staff’s safety. These have been put into place to comply with the Government Guidelines issued with a lot of organisation, thought and care so that you can all have the best time ever on London’s River Thames. Anyone not following the Covid19 safety measures will be asked to vacate the Pier.
  7. We are in a middle of a pandemic and therefore you the passengers are entering and participating in our experience under your own choice and have decided to travel at your own risk.
  8. Any requests for reschedules or voucher extensions will have the £25 admin fee waivered.
  9. Reschedule requests with a 24 hour notice period will be acceptable.