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We were front row seats on 22nd August 2020 when Tower Bridge opened & upon closing… IT GOT STUCK OPEN!

Head Skipper John Field was right there to capture it & immediately loaded his photo onto our Social Media platforms, we were inundated with requests to use the photo & it made Worldwide Press, even to the Daily Mail in Australia!

On the front of our #1 Fastest London Speedboats, you can see the Yellow Video Camera which are supplied to us by EyeFly. Company Director Fritz who resides in New Zealand told us he had seen our photos in the press & heard about the Tower Bridge mechanical issue over there – So the news really did travel fast & far as it could! Just like our Super Fast Thames Speedboat’s.
Tower Bridge roughly opens & closes around 800 times & it is very rare there is a problem with the operation, so when it does happen then of course it is big news… And our job allows us to generally be the first to know!

John told us ‘During my 11 years of working at “Thames RIB Experience”, skippering our RIB’s on London’s World-Famous River Thames, operating our Exhilarating trips that our Worldwide Customers enjoy so much, I can only recall Tower Bridge getting stuck once before, so it is a very rare sight’… And we agree John!

You can see the Magnificent Tower Bridge on any our Thames RIB Experience’s from Embankment & Tower Pier & you might even be lucky enough to see it in open too… but hopefully NOT stuck open